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THE SUNSET Of tina j. reese on OCTOBER 3, 2014

"The Will of God didn't allow me and my son's mother to reach the shores of a collaborative effort to bring awareness to the issue of Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol/Drugs due to a tragic accident where she was called by our Creator 3-years after our son's demise (October 3, 2014): 

May God give me strength to forgo the task in memory of them both! May God give

strength to Tina's only surviving child, Camille Cherry!"



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 with the opportunity of parole after serving 5 years--i.e. he's likely to continue a quality of life we all look forward to for ourselves, our children, our friends, family, and relatives.

in loving memory of the founder's son, tavian sabur, and his mother, tina jo reese

Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!

To address DWI Education, DWI Repeat Offenders, and needed scholarships/financial assistance for victims of DWI/DUI Accidents, we have launched:




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"Besides my desire to serve our Creator, my son was (still is) the inspiration for all good I attempt to do in this life. I pray to God that time permits me to establish a youth program in his memory and to fill just a measure of his charisma that positively affected and brought so much joy in the lives he encountered. Huma-Faith--what I believe is God's Will for my life--is the only thing that keeps me sane when pondering my son's demise. At present, I don't know how it will happen, but his mother and I vow to bring conscious awareness to the issue of Driving While Intoxicated or Under The Influence...


​ -Founder

the setting of the son-

a man driving while intoxicated darkened our lives!

On the evening of September 1, 2011, our Founder's son, Tavian Joseph Sabur (L) and his mother, Tina Reese (R), while on their way to football practice was struck by a drunk driver at high speed in South Arlington, Texas. The collision and impact of the two vehicles resulted in the death of Tavian Sabur (pronounced September 2, 2011) and sever injuries sustained by his mother that had her hospitalized for weeks! In an instance, one mans negligence and irresponsibility took a child's life, caused sever bodily injury, emotionally devastated an entire community, exterminated a soul that positively impacted the lives he encountered, and began a lifetime of emotional suffering of family and relatives. Though we're sure the assailant's family is devastated as well, he survives with no injuries and the consequence of 10 years imprisonment