Genesis projects

 ( Men)

 Genesis House was

 established April, 2010, in

 service of housing male

 prison releasees who had

 nowhere to parole to.

 This was initiated under

 a government funded

 program of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. For City Ordinance  and State Legislative reasons, this program can no longer exist in Dallas or  Tarrant Counties. Subsequently, ​Genesis House evolved to being  registered with the City of Dallas, Texas, as a Handicap/Group Home in  service of homeless men with any number of handicaps, disabilities, and/or hindrances  to their upward mobility. This home was established in a Middle Class  Neighborhood of the South Oak Cliff Area of Dallas, Texas. It was a tough decision to move from this home; however, doing so expanded our efforts into more than one location, and launched the idea of the ​GENESIS PROJECTS, and has allowed the opportunity to partner with other organizations in a concerted effort. 



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A 501 C 3 Public Charitable Organization

VETERAN Founded & Operated 

 sufa projects


 A former resident (now our Operations 

 Manager) refused to  forget or overlook the

 conditions from which he transcended and

 was instrumental in establishing

 Sufa House January, 2012. After finding 

 employment, in less than two months of his

 stay, this resident saved enough money to

 pursue his own  ambition  to launch this project through Huma-Faith. May God be  pleased with  him and may his  example inspire others. 


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