A 501 C 3 Public Charitable Organization

VETERAN Founded & Operated 

how do we overcome?

  • Skilled Labor- By networking with local community business owners, we're able to place a few of our residents in skilled labor positions. Additionally, as an organization, we contract our services in such areas as:  janitorial, landscaping, light-construction, painting, general labor, handiwork,etc. We ask that if you, your business, or associates are in need of any type of skilled or unskilled labor to please contact us for mutual benefits: 817-586-4470 or 
  • Advertising/Marketing- By partnering with local community business owners, particularly in the service industry, we've been entrusted to utilize our residents to facilitate their marketing strategies or our personnel will develop those marketing strategies and transfer those strategies to our residents for execution.
  • Sales/Entrepreneurship- By accessing marketable products that appeal to certain consumers, we make proper arrangements to set-up booths or venues in which products can be sold.


(Dallas/Fort Worth Area)


economics & disabilities


Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!

ex-felons-70% unemployment


The term "vocation" has an interesting etymology worth exploring when contemplating why Huma-Faith would forge this type of service Hindrances to employment comprise many factors. The targeted population Huma-Faith seeks to serve are usually hindered from employment for most of the following reasons: physical handicaps, mental challenges, lack of education, lack of vocational skills, judgments against their criminal convictions, and/or low self-esteem or low self-efficacy.   

Huma-Faith isn't content with simply providing a place to live, but goes further to partner/network with local businesses, corporations, and other organizations for the economical empowerment of our organization and our residents. We believe that everyone has a vocation. Therefore, we make every effort to seek curtailed or modified training and skill development opportunities suitable to individual adeptness and ability!