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Navigating the social service network is often overwhelming. We stand as an advocate for each client to tear down barriers to these services and facilitate their access.

"Huma-Faith was borne from my personal experiences and helps me actualize my moral responsibility to humanity. As challenging as social entrepreneurship is, the driving force, second to my Creator, is never forgetting where I came from!"

Foundation History

Bennie Brown
I made it a point to visit the Huma-Faith project and have witnessed its results. I fully endorse!

Imam Zia Sheik
I've been intimate with this project since its inception and know the sincerity of its mission. I fully endorse!


As an faith-based organization, we promote spiritual concepts and curtailed/individualized religious preferences and practices as a means of overcoming obstacles.

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Our founder

Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!

2013 Inductee & Member of:


We provide group/transitional housing in quality and safe neighborhoods primarily within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroples Area that have all the amenities expected in an average home.

Veteran (US Army), Computer Info & Technology Cert., Non-Profit Strategic Management Cert., AAS Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, 20+ years of Non-Profit Work & Development

Residents provide testimonies regarding the impact of Huma-Faith.

Interstate Volunteers
Volunteers in Atlanta, GA assists with fundraising.

2007-Founder reduces his vision to writing and developed a written program and business plan.

2010-Huma-Faith was designated as a Non-Profit by the Secretary of State and launched its first housing initiative (2-homes for men) through THAP--a government program sponsored by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

2011-Huma-Faith opened its first home for homeless women with or without children.

2012-Huma-Faith was designated as a 501 C 3 Charitable Organization by the IRS.

2013-Huma-Faith began to rise by securing                       significant corporate sponsorship and                       fundraising partners.

2015-Huma-Faith established agency partnerships and through a sister organization to provide medical, dental, eye care--professional counseling, legal clinic, and Developmental Assessments for Children.