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(Our Second Women's Home)

It's name taken from the Aramaic language to mean :Little girl arise;" our second home designated for women. Through this experience, we realize there's a common thread among disadvantaged women no matter their faith preferences that spiritually binds them in their collective struggle for upward mobility and independence! In partnership with the surrounding faith community, we are able to provide our women with the support and spiritual concepts to overcome the obstacles they face.

women's component

Khadijah's House

In keeping with the mission of Huma-Faith, Khadijah's House is the FIRST residential safe haven in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Area, primarily, but not exclusively, for Muslim Women and children to be sheltered, protected, nurtured, and cultivated in the way of their religious conscience without obstacles generally experienced in secular and/or other faith-based women's services. For more insight on this necessity, please visit the following links: 1) ​Muslim Women Who Become Homeless... 2) Hollywood Star converts to Islam and rids herself of drugs, homelessness, and debauchery

why a women's component?

Huma-Faith recognizes that women (esp. those with children) who find themselves in a homeless situation or under threat of being homeless are under-served. There are many reasons why women are found in this condition. In this day and time, some of the highlighted reasons for this are: domestic violence, abandonment (e.g. broken homes sometimes due to divorce), substance abuse/addiction, and/or unplanned motherhood in absence of a responsible partner (spouse). Purview of these situations, we're cognizant of the fact that there are underlying causes attributing to the lack of empowerment to change these conditions. Though Huma-Faith isn't a panacea to any social ill, we are committed to assist women in attacking root causes that binds them to these conditions by networking with the Helping Profession in order to access appropriate Social Services and within a residential setting create a spiritual environment in hopes of improving psychological strength.

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