OUR Genesis

 Our Genesis-founding project- a home we called Genesis House was

 established April  2010, in service of housing male prison releasees who had nowhere to parole to. This was initiated under a government funded

 program of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. For City Ordinance  and State Legislative reasons, this program can no longer exist in Dallas or  Tarrant Counties. Subsequently, Genesis House evolved to being  registered with the City of Dallas, Texas, as a Handicap/Group Home in  service of homeless men with any number of handicaps, disabilities, and/or hindrances  to their upward mobility. Huma-Faith as evolved to house & serve homeless men, women, and children!!!

Huma-Faith is not a religious program but rather a Faith-based Initiative. Meaning that the Founder's vision was borne out of his faith and therefore, all directions, policies, procedures, programs, etc. are effected by his religious understanding and perception of how humanity is to be served. This idea to serve humanity is reflected in the names of the projects that have developed over the years; e.g. (Khadijah's House, Matrix House, Shifa Project, Talitha Kum Project, Camp Phoenix, etc.). All walks of life are affected by poverty and homelessness and our humanitarian effort is to curtail services not only to meet the immediate housing need but to also encourage spiritual growth & development according to each individuals conscience though many ask, what is the consciousness of the Founder who decided this mission?



Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!

The Dignity We Provide Away From The Streets!



A 501 C 3 Public Charitable Organization

VETERAN Founded & Operated 

Who Do You Call When You Want to Get Help for The Homeless?

Now From Those Who Serve & Give From The Spirit of Their Faith (Muslims & Christians Can do it Together). Here's an example:


Huma-Faith recognizes that women (esp. those with children) who find themselves in a homeless situation or under threat of being homeless are under-served. There are many reasons why women are found in this condition. In this day and time, some of the highlighted reasons for this are: domestic violence*, abandonment (e.g. broken homes sometimes due to divorce), substance abuse/addiction, and/or unplanned motherhood in absence of a responsible partner (spouse). Purview of these situations, we're cognizant of the fact that there are underlying causes attributing to the lack of empowerment to change these conditions. Though Huma-Faith isn't a panacea to any social ill, we are committed to assist women in attacking root causes that binds them to these conditions by networking with the Helping Profession in order to access appropriate Social Services and within a residential setting create a spiritual environment in hopes of improving psychological strength.Type your paragraph here.

*Note: Domestic Violence has become the leading cause of homelessness for women!!!