Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!


‚ÄčA 501 C 3 Public Charitable Organization

Abeer Zein- BS Nutrition & Board Member

Adlee Abdullah Akbar
Social Advocate and Community Safety Director

Reoccurring Donations
  • Social Services (e.g. Legal Clinic, Medical Clinic, Eye Clinic, Dental Clinic, Developmental Assessment for Children, etc.)
  • Job Training/Referrals & Entrepreneurship
  • Social & Life Skill Development
  • GED/High School Diplomas & College Preparation

James Fairchild

BA Interdisciplinary Studies; MS Urban Development and Board President

Amy Donahue

BA Psychology & Sociology; MS Clinical Psychology; LPCI, and Advisor

Client Services

  • Transitional Housing In Dignified Neighborhoods 
  • Group Therapy, Peer Counseling, Clinical Counseling
  • Spiritual Concepts & Direction  
  • Vocational Training

Sadat Kent McArthur,

BS Computer Science (summa cum laude) and IT/Operations Manager.

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Find your inner power by helping others



Typically, the homeless seek assistance without any means for their livelihood or ability to pay even nominal fees for services. Providing shelter, clothing, food, and other support services are costly tasks requiring innovative ways to raise funds. One avenue used by Huma-Faith is contracted work opportunities, generally in the service industry, where volunteers are solicited to provide the labor that's economically rewarding to our organization.

Homelessness isn't seasonal, which is why Huma-Faith provides transitional housing and support services 24/7. Devote your time towards mentoring and helping a most under-served population navigate through society with dignity.

Huma-Faith is to be a catalyst for underprivileged persons pursuing congruency between their character and inner beliefs--such a conflict (cognitive dissonance) is common among those lacking basic needs and faced with shut doors of opportunity!

What you no longer have a need or use for in the way of food, clothing, bedding, housewares, electronics, automobiles, homes, etc. can be the amenities for the populations we serve. We  are very grateful when such benevolence reach us!

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Help us to help those not only in need but for those also desiring to help themselves.

Since 2010, Huma-Faith has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the homeless and under-privileged  members of our community. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and/or your time...


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