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VETERAN Founded & Operated 

Our founder

Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!

Veteran (US Army), Computer Info & Technology Cert., Non-Profit Strategic Management Cert., AAS Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, 20+ years of Non-Profit Work & Development

"Huma-Faith was borne from my personal experiences and helps me actualize my moral responsibility to humanity. As challenging as social entrepreneurship is, the driving force, second to my Creator, is never forgetting where I came from!"


1st Column (R-L): ImamNashid Salahudeen-President; Trisha Hairris-Secretary; Amina Rab & Naz Biag-Treasurer; Nuha Almakhzoumi

2nd Column: (R-L): Dorothy Jackson; Sadat McArthur; Abeer Zien