​Veteran (US Army), Former Government Contractor

MS Educational Psychology

Our Team Isn't Limited to Those Championing the Cause of Huma-Faith. Our Existence and Work Thrives by The Voices of Homeless & Ex-Homeless Persons Who Speak-Out to Express How We All Can Make a Difference.

Veteran (US Army), Computer Info & Technology Cert., Non-Profit Strategic Management Cert., Cert. Mental Health/Substance Abuse Prevention & Counseling, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, 20+ years of Non-Profit Work & Development, US Board Certified Chaplain and more...

"Huma-Faith was borne from my personal experiences and helps me actualize my moral responsibility to humanity. As challenging as social entrepreneurship is, the driving force, second to my Creator, is never forgetting where I came from!"


Founder's Wife

Sept. 19, 1982 - Aug. 14, 2019

​Jessica Lynn Epps-Sabur

Data & Sales Specialist

Removing Barriers That Obstruct Upward Mobility!


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Our founder


(Chief Administrative Officer)